Croydon Ratepayers Against Croydon Council

Monday, April 03, 2006

CRACC Pledges To The People of Croydon

CRACC makes the following pledges to the people of Croydon:

  • CRACC will cut the current disgraceful levels of council tax.

  • CRACC will declare UDI for Croydon from London, thus saving the £36M charge from the Greater London Authority.

  • CRACC will vote against the closure of Crosfield.

  • CRACC will place council workers on the same level as the taxpayers and workers of Croydon, by abolishing the final salary pension scheme that the council enjoys at our expense.

  • CRACC will fast track urban redevelopment projects, eg the proposed arena development for Dingwall Road will be vetoed in favour of a more appropriate and speedier project.

  • CRACC will force new office developments to include well designed, aesthetically pleasing and functional/accessible public spaces in their designs (as is required in New York).

  • CRACC will fast track compulsory purchase orders on derelict properties that have lain idle for an excessive period of time.

  • CRACC will levy an extra tax on theme bars and nightclubs, to pay for the extra work put in by the police and other services in cleaning up the mess left behind by the patrons of these establishments.

  • CRACC will take proactive countermeasures to eradicate the unacceptable levels of street crime, and anti social behaviour that is ruining the borough. Those individuals convicted of such behaviour will be named and shamed and placed in public stocks.
Vote CRACC on May 4th

Download the CRACC Manifesto


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