Croydon Ratepayers Against Croydon Council

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Croydon Council Tax Up Again

Croydon Council, not content with presiding over the ongoing decay of this borough, will be putting council tax up again this year.

No surprises there then!

The rise for 2006 will be 6.3%. In case they have forgotten, inflation is around 2%.

The rise for 2005 was 5%

The rise in 2004 was 7%

The rise in 2003 was 27%

Despite these inflation busting rises, the council have still managed to bankrupt themselves and continue to waste our money.

Not very impressive!

If you would like to know where they are spending our money, I recommend that you read "What is Croydon Council Doing?"

I would remind the council that the council elections take place this May, the time when the ratepayers of Croydon have their say.


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